Good Practice Examples

Good Practice Examples from Austria

In Austria, there are now many different offers that benefit the care of people with dementia throughout the country. In 2018, the platform was presented, which unites all offers and organizations and thus provides an overview on the topic of dementia in Austria.
Some of these organizations, initiatives and offers can be found in the videos below. The videos are in German with English and German subtitles.

Good Practice Examples from other European countries

The links below lead to good practice videos from countries in the Danube Region. The videos were created as part of an Interreg project which founded the basis for this website.


Association PROMENZ

The association PROMENZ is an initiative by and for people with forgetfulness and was founded in 2015. Since 2017 PROMENZ is a non-profit association based in Vienna and offers supported self-help in Vienna and Lower Austria.

"Relatives Talks" offered by the SVS

The SVS (Social Insurance Institution for the Self-Employed) offers free consultations with relatives, where they can talk to experts and get advice on how to provide good care at home for themselves and the person they care for.

Soziale Dienste Hartberg-Fürstenfeld

The association Soziale Dienste Hartberg-Fürstenfeld (Social Services Hartberg-Fürstenfeld) offers in its regional environment in Styria competence in the field of dementia with the program "Living with Dementia", consisting of information, care and support for people with dementia as well as their relatives.

Aktion Demenz Vorarlberg

Ein erster Arbeitsschwerpunkt war die The initiative "Aktion Demenz" (Dementia Action) was founded in Vorarlberg as early as 2007. A first focus of work was the establishment of dementia-friendly communities. Later, numerous cultural initiatives were added. Counselling is also offered. The focus is always on enabling people with dementia to participate in public and social life.

Project "Einsatz Demenz"

In 2016, an e-learning program was introduced for police officers, where they are trained in dealing with people with dementia. The project is called “Einsatz Demenz” (Operation Dementia). As a result, police stations can be certified as "dementia-friendly". The idea for the learning program and its implementation was largely the work of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Auer from the University of Continuing Education Krems.

Project "Demenz.Aktivgemeinde"

The e-learning program "Demenz.Aktivgemeinde" (Dementia.Active Community) followed the project "Einsatz Demenz" (Operation dementia). The project management and conception is also in the hands of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Auer of the University for Continuing Education Krems. After municipality employees have completed the learning program, the municipality can have itself certified in a two-stage process first as a dementia-competent municipality and later as a “Demenz.Aktivgemeinde”. In addition, the learning program is also available to all interested parties on the publicly accessible platform iMoox.